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About Me

Here's just a little somthing about me...

My name is Tim Bourque. I made this site when i was in 10th grade, now, five years later, i'm a Junior @ Liberty University.  I'll slowly start updating this site whenever i'm bored i guess. 

Probably the best thing about me, is my relaitonship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Read your Bible every day, and pray, it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


Me then (2001)


Me Now (2006)

Whats New?

all the stuff on the sides like my favorites, as well as the family/friends pix will slowly be edited/updated i guess.  Mainly, I just wanted to update the section with my baby.

Favorite Stuff

Favorite TV Show:ESPN x-games, and sanford and son
Favorite Movies:Remember The Titans, Matchstick Men, Extreme Days, X2 
Favorite Music Groups: dc Talk, Creed, Newsboys, ApologetiX, MxPx, Good Charlotte, KJ-52
Favorite Book:the BIBLE
Favorite Football Team:Redskins
Favorite Baseball Team: Braves
Favorite Basketball Team: Spurs, Lakers
Favorite Soccer Team: United, Mutiny
Favorite Sk8er: John Cardiel
Favorite Food:Nacho's
Person I Most Admire:Jesus, he even died for me

in memory of Grady